Water & Sewer


Pay My BillRates

Current Residential Water Charge: $9.05/1000 gallons

Water debt flat fee charge: $7.62

Current Residential Sewer Charge: $9.85/1000 gallons

Sewer debt flat fee charge: $5.00

Water turn-on fee: $60.00

Water turn-off fee: $60.00

Note: Water debt fee increases based on size of water meter.

Lawn and garden meters available at a cost of $150.00 each, for reduced sewer lawn rates.

Contact City Hall at 906.482.2720 for further information.

How to read billing codes on your monthly water bill:



Billing Type



billed per gallon usage



debt fee flat charge



billed per gallon usage



debt fee flat charge


Meter Service Charge

flat charge based on meter size


RTS Garbage Charge

flat charge for garbage pick-up

Payment Options for Your Utility Bill

  • IN PERSON: At City Hall, 399 Quincy Street, Hancock, MI 49930

  • ONLINE: CLICK HERE TO PAY (fees apply)

  • BY MAIL: City of Hancock, 399 Quincy Street, Hancock, MI 49930.

  • DROP BOX: Located on the west side of the building at the City Hall entrance.

  • AUTOPAY: ACH automatic payments. Click here to download form.

• Fees - A convenience fee equal to 3% of the payment amount ($2 minimum) will be assessed for all credit card payments.

• 5% penalty must be added to current bill after due date. Then 1% per month on balance forwarded.

• Payment must be received by our office by Due Date. (Postmark NOT accepted)


City Of Hancock Water Quality Consumer Confidence Report

Prior Years:

Trash Collection & Recycling


Collection Schedule

All items need to be out by 7:00 am. Weekly same day pick-up for garbage and recycling.


Monday Pick-Up
Residents east of Elevation Street.

Wednesday Pick-Up
Residents west of Elevation Street and residents living on Elevation, S. Elevation, and N. Elevation Streets.


Ready-to-serve charge (RTS) is for garbage pick up.

$6.00 per month charge is billed on your water account.

City residents may purchase garbage bags of choice with the requirement that the bags are a minimum of 1.2 mill thick & no greater than 35 gallons. Bags must be tied, should not be overstuffed, and weigh no more than 30 pounds.

Garbage stickers:  sold in sheets of 5 for $5.00. Stickers should be attached to the top of the bag where the bag ties. Attach it by folding it in half and sticking it to itself.

Previously purchased City of Hancock garbage bags will still be accepted.

1 roll of 10 Bio-bags are available for $10.00

Stickers can be purchased at City Hall, Risto's, Holiday, Keweenaw Co-op, Krist oil (Citgo) and Pat's Foods IGA.

Waste Management honors the following holidays. Your trash pick-up will be delayed one day later after these holidays for the week of the holiday:

New Year’s Day
Memorial Day
Independence Day
Labor Day
Thanksgiving Day
Christmas Day

If the holiday falls on the weekend, there is no disruption in service.


Special bins are NOT required for recycling. Recyclables can be placed in any bin or tote that is marked “recyclables” to distinguish them from the trash.

The Copper Country Recycle/Reuse website provides a list of acceptable items for recycling.

Questions can be directed to the City of Hancock at 906.482.2720 or Waste Management at 800-963-4776 www.wmsolutions.com/locations

Resources Links

Houghton County Solid Waste Transfer Station

Another source for disposal of items such as construction materials. More information : http://houghtoncounty.net/directory-transfer-station.php

Spring Cleanup


Annual Spring Cleanup

Each year for two days, usually near the beginning of May, the City of Hancock offers free disposal of debris, such as old furniture, lumber, small metal items, etc. which can be brought to the Public Works Garage.  Other items including white goods and scrap metal may be accepted as well.

The City of Hancock also provides curbside pickup of leaves, grass clippings and small branches during a two-day period usually near the beginning of May as well. Bio bags for leaves and grass clipping must be used and be purchased from the City of Hancock.

Details will be posted in the City News as they become available each year.

Other Services


Other area utility companies:

Natural Gas
Semco Energy

Upper Peninsula Power Company (UPPCO)

Cable Television/Internet

Charter Communications

Frontier Internet