Planning & Development


Investment in the local economy through new development, redevelopment and renovation provides a direct impact to the residents of the City of Hancock. These projects create jobs, increase property values, attract visitors and new residents, increase the tax base and revitalize the community.

The Zoning Ordinance establishes standards that apply both citywide and in individual zoning districts.


The links below are intended as a guide to help navigate the process for developers and businesses. We want you to invest in and become a part of this community. The City of Hancock is a great place to live, learn, work and play.

Please contact Hancock City Hall at 906.482.2720 with additional inquiries and to schedule your Conceptual Review Meeting with the Zoning Administrative Officer (City Manager) and DPW Director. This pre-application meeting includes preliminary review of a site plan and explanation of zoning requirements, and it addresses circumstances that would otherwise result in an application being postponed or not accepted.

The following document provides city, regional, and state information and links to economic incentives for developers.

The following link provides information regarding demographics and other data.

The City of Hancock accepts all forms of payment. Credit cards fees apply.


City Zoning Ordinances are the most critical factor in determining whether to undertake a development based on location and characteristics. Consult with the City Manager before initiating any construction project or change of use within the city.