Historical Pictorial

Photos From the A. L . Burgan Family

A historical note, A. L. Burgan, retired as the Superintendent of the Ahmeek Mill, of C&H Consolidated Mining Company. He was a second generation Copper Countryite, having been born of parents (England) that had first come to the Phoenix Mines (then to Torch Lake). He received a Masters Degree in EE from U of M, in 1896, subsequently , in October, 1896, thru May, 1900, he was employed as Assistant Mill Superintendent of the Osceola Mining Co., and, Assistant Mill Superintendent for the Tamarack Mining Co.. At that time, the Osceola Mill was equipped with six heads and had been moved from Ripley, in 1885. (The Mill went out of service on Feb. 17, 1897). Following a short Superintendency of the Isle Royal Mine, he was appointed in April 1901, (after earning his Masters Degree), as Mill Superintendent of the Osceola Mining Co., and the Tamarack Mining Co., succeeding Charles H. Krause, who went to the Mass Mining Co. at Keweenaw Bay. When the Ahmeek Mill (with 4 heads) was built in 1906, and enlarged in 1910, all of the design and equipment was in the hands of A. L. Burgan, who was now Mill Superintendent. He remained as such until shortly before his death, in 1948. He also served on the Houghton County Board of Supervisors for 30 years, from 1911 to 1941, including 7 years as Chairman of the Board (1934-1941).

One of two 150 ton locomotives on first trip to Tamarack and Osceola Mills. (Date unknown).