Historical Pictorial

SS South American & SS North American

Photo 1: The SS South American, launched Feb. 21, 1914, for the Chicago, Duluth & Georgian Bay Transit Co., the 314 ft. passenger ship cruised the Great Lakes into 1967, along with her slightly smaller, nearly identical fleetmate, the SS North American. Captured here on Aug. 10th, 1965, in Portage Lake en route to her regular Tuesday afternoon/evening stopover in Hancock/Houghton. Photo 2: The SS South American, shown here on a Tuesday in July, 1957, passing through the Keweenaw Waterway, with Ripley in the background. Photo 3: This rare photo of the SS North American, was taken in July, 1957, as she departed her stopover in Hancock/Houghton. Notice the no longer existing Swing Bridge in the left background. The 281 ft. passenger ship was launched Jan. 16, 1913, and cruised the Great Lakes until her sale & retirement in 1964. While being towed in the Atlantic Ocean to Piney Point, MA, for duty as a training ship for the International Seafarers Union, she suddenly sank in 400 ft. of water some 25 M. NE of the Nantucket Light, in September of 1967.

Photo 1