Historical Pictorial

1868 Hancock First National Baseball Team

This sports team photo, the oldest yet found for Hancock, is labeled as the 1868 Hancock First National Baseball Team, with member identifications given as follows: [lower row, L-R]: Jas. Trembath; A.J. Scott; F.D. Meads (Team Captain); J.V Trembath; O. Kumath . [top row, L-R]: J. Bitttenbender; A. Brockway; W.M. Harry; J. Johnson . The Hancock Club toured the Upper Peninsula in 1871, becoming the U.P. baseball Champions, in the process, for that year. Information about 1868 & 1869 sports is sketchy, as a disastrous fire in 1869 wiped out a major part of Hancock. Our sincere thanks to the Michigan Tech Copper Country Archives for making this photo available, and for their help in the information research.