Historical Pictorial

Historic 1971 Keweenaw Rocket Launch

Two NIKE-APACHE rockets were fired off from the Keweenaw Missile Range as a part of the IGY, International Geophysical Year, in a coordinated launch with other NASA facilities in North America. Although other research sounding rockets had been fired from the Keweenaw Range in years previous, these were by far the largest rockets fired.

These pictures were made by Roland Burgan, General Manager/News Director for WHDF (now WCCY), over two trips made over two consecutive days, Thursday, Jan. 28th, and Friday, Jan. 29th, 1971. Accompanying was a brother, Read Burgan, then Gen. Mgr. of WGGL-FM (PBS station at MTU). Here, Read Burgan, at road warning sign 2 miles E. Of Copper Harbor.