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City Hallís Historic Clock
October 26, 2009
Hancock City Hallís Clock and Bell cleaned and restored.
The Hancock City Hall, which last year underwent both external and internal restoration work and updating, has in its tower a clock and bell system installed back in the 19th century. The bell system is an old church type bell mounted in the open space just below the clock, which is located at the top of the tower. It is rung by the clock at preset intervals by means of raising and dropping a 4# hammer, seen here. Above the bell area, in an enclosed room, is the Seth Thomas Clock Company (CT) clock, built in 1898. The clock mechanism (lower) drives a vertical shaft that in turn drives a 4-way gear box to turn the individual clock face dials, each mounted 90į apart.
Another view from a different perspective. A close up of the 4-way gear box. The brass I.D. plate gives the manufacturers information. One of the individual clock faces from inside the room. Note the faces appear backward here. Cleaning and restoration was done by Ron Studer.
During WW II, an air raid siren warning system was mounted here.
Photos 6 & 8: Ron Studer
Remaining photos by: Roland Burgan, rburgan@pasty.net
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